Area Overview

Sierra Vista offers an exciting variety of individual and family recreational activities.

Photo of view from Carr Canyon overlooking the City of Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista, Arizona as seen from Carr Canyon

The opportunities for enjoyment include a wide array of choices for full day, overnight or relaxing evening excursions.

Probably the most unique opportunity offered to residents of Sierra Vista is its proximity to both famous and infamous historical towns. Old Bisbee, for example, is only a half-hour drive away. Bisbee is a very attractive artist colony and retirement community. It was founded in 1880 and was one of the richest mining sites in the world. Even though large-scale mining became unprofitable in 1975, the Copper Queen Mine is still open. Only today, it is used for guided tours. If you’re claustrophobic or the idea just doesn’t tickle your fancy, the Lavender Pit Open Mine is a beautiful location to visit and take pictures to share with your friends and relatives back home. For history buffs, a trip to the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum or to the Muheim House will certainly prove exciting. For you shoppers, there are plenty of incomparable rare gifts to be found in the shop windows with even a short stroll down Main St.! In Bisbee, you’re sure to find delight and soothing respite from your everyday world.

If you’re more of a Cowboys and Indians type of person rather than Old World Victorian, then Tombstone, also only about a half-hour drive from Sierra Vista, is more your type of place. Tombstone is still an important cultural icon of the past. Home to such famous cowboys as Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp; you’re sure to find excitement! You can start your day with a trip to the O.K. Corral, site of the famous gunfight with historical reenactments daily. At the Tombstone Epitaph you can tour an 1880’s newsroom, receive an 1881 report of the O.K. Corral gunfight and peak into the print shop of the Old West’s most famous newspaper. If that’s not historically western enough for you, head uptown to the Tombstone Courthouse. Now a state museum, you can view exhibits and artifacts that tell of Tombstone’s colorful past. A trip to the Crystal Palace is suggested for a cool drink, and if you’re feeling up to it, you might even head over to the old Boothill Cemetery where some of the most famous Cowboys of yesteryear now rest in peace. Also home to the famous Rose Tree Museum, where the largest rose tree in the world resides, Tombstone will always be the town too tough to die.

If you don’t want to travel too far from your new home in Sierra Vista, a visit to the three Army Museums on Fort Huachuca is right around the corner. Each of these Museums gives insight to tell the story of the U.S Army on the Southwest frontier. Each one has wonderfully realistic exhibits so you can see firsthand what Army life was like in the 1800’s. These museums preserve an important segment of our national military history for the edification and enjoyment of future generations.

Photo of Chiricahua National Monument, the Wonderland of Rocks

Chiricahua National Monument

All around Southeastern Arizona you are sure to find plenty to do, and especially if you like the outdoors. The mountains are an endless source for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and even spelunking. The Ramsey Canyon Preserve is also open daily welcoming all visitors to walk along the San Pedro, and bird watch along the riparian. The outdoor activities are endless, with the Chiricahua National Monument close by too. The Chiricahua Mountain Range is a wonderland of rocks, with incredible rock spires, stone columns and balanced rocks.

If natural stone structures and caves are what you want to see, visit Kartchner Caverns. Kartchner Caverns is Arizona’s newest state park opened in November 1999. This natural wonder has been dubbed one of the world’s top ten caves. The visitor center has interactive exhibits, and even a film about the remarkable discovery of the caves. For a wonderful adventure into the side of the earth, it is suggested that you get reservations in advance; the waiting list is quite long!

Veterans Memorial Park in Sierra Vista is a roaming grassland full of trees and bushes. It is also the location for most holiday events. Usually each holiday season there is some form of festival or another. Oktoberfest, Art in the Park and the Family Fun Festival bring enjoyment to the whole family. These types of events fill the entire park up with vendors and activities. Many local artists, who work all year on arts and crafts, come to Art in the Park to display their fares.

If your shopping needs aren’t fulfilled here in The Mall at Sierra Vista, Tucson is only about an hour away. There, you can find at least four additional shopping malls and numerous outlet stores. The recreational opportunities are endless here in southeastern Arizona. One can never complain of boredom!