Derrick Coates: eXp ICON Award Recipient

Graphic of eXp Icon Agents with homes in the background

Derrick Coates is a multi-time recipient of the eXp ICON agent award. The award is designed for top producing agents, top 1% in the entire world, as a loss leader and incentive program to join the company and become leaders for other agents at the company in order to inspire and motivate.

The eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is reserved for agents like Derrick Coates, who achieve exceptional production goals and positively impact company culture. This honor signals that these agents are leaders in their field and serve as examples to their colleagues by upholding the core values of eXp Realty. Out of almost 80,000 eXp agents, only around 1.5% reach ICON status.

Graphic of eXp Realty Core Values: Beliefs that shape our culture.

eXp Realty’s Core Values

  1. Community: Be a good neighbor to create a sustainable legacy.
  2. Service: Make a positive change in our company and the local community.
  3. Sustainability: Be a good financial steward of the environment, organization, and our families.
  4. Integrity: Do the right thing.
  5. Collaboration: We are all on the same field.
  6. Innovation: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  7. Agile: Force chaos and change to survive and grow.
  8. Fun: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  9. Transparency: Get things out from behind the curtain.

As a recpient of the eXp Realty ICON agent award, Derrick Coates continues to uphold and support eXp Realty's core values.